At the moment we offer 2 other types of products in our shop, My Social Mosaïc and My Social Print.

My Social Mosaïc:
Choose an image that you want to sublimate. Select a personal image bank or one of our selections and let the magic work!
In a few seconds, your photo turns into a beautiful mosaic of hundreds of memories.
Choose your favorite wall decoration from 3 possibilities and, in just 2 clicks, it is delivered to your home, ready to be placed on your wall.

- The Poster > The cheapest way to print your mosaic.
Matte finish on 170 gsm paper.
Starting from 5 €.

- The Canvas > Let your artistic talent speak!
Your mosaic printed on a canvas with a pretty black border.
Starting at 17 €

- The Metal Print > Beautiful and modern - The perfect wall decoration for your home.
Print on a very bright surface, with an integrated mounting bracket.
Starting at 39 €

My Social Print:

Select a source (Facebook, Instagram, Google Photos, DropBox, or Download), then choose the paper finish.
The description of your photos is automatically extracted from your social networks.
3 types of paper are at your disposal:

- Classic Mat > 250 gsm white paper, matte finish
14 to 60 prints in 10 x 12 cm format
Starting at 14 €

- Super Brillant > 250 gsm white paper, glossy finish
14 to 50 prints in 10 x 12cm format
Starting at 16 €

- Vintage Style > 324 gsm high quality paper with a matte finish
14 to 40 prints in 10 x 12cm format
Starting at 18 €