We print on 2 different quality papers of your choice:

Silk (half-glossy) 80lb/130gr
Deluxe (thick and half-glossy) 110lb/ 170gr

Our books start at 25 pages and can go up to 500 pages for standard and silk paper (it makes a book about 4.4 pounds - 2kg, and 2.8 inches - 5cm thick), and up to 250 pages for the deluxe edition.

We also have 4 types of cover:
Glossy softcover
Glossy hardcover / Matte hardcover
Satin hardcover with a foam core

Tips: We advise you to start with a small time range and increase it progressively.
If the book you tried to create is over 500 pages, considering splitting the content into multiple books, by reducing the time range and removing posts.