To create a My Social Book, go on our website: Then, please follow these steps:

Click on the "Try it Risk-free" button (to see your whole collection) or select the type of book you want to create:

- "My Social Book" for your own account (Timelines Facebook, Albums Facebook and Instagram);
- "My Social Book Page" for a fan page, or business page;
- "My Social Book Photos" to create a Photo album;
- "My Best-Of Photo Book" to have the best of your Facebook photos from a specific year.
- "My Instagram Book" to print all your Instagram pictures.

In the creation page you can edit:
- The time frame: Select the date range you want to be printed (be careful, a My Social Book can't exceed 500 pages. If you have too many pages, please start with a small time range and increase it step by step);
- The content: Scroll down to see the "edit content" section. You will be able to check or uncheck whatever you want.
- The cover: Select the cover options (colors, layout).
- The cover image(s): Click on the picture you want to change you will be able to select an image midst your album and edit it.
- The title and the tribute: Click on the pen in front of the title and change it. If you want to add a tribute click on "see the back" (up to the book pages number).
You can also connect your Instagram account on this section.

Please note that :

You can save your work and come back later to continue with the button "Add to cart" (your Social books will be saved in the basket page).
You can see a short preview of your book by clicking the "See inside!" button (The button will appear once the computation of the number of pages is over).
You can add several books in the same order.