By default, we print all the pictures you have posted on Facebook included in the date range you have chosen.

If you want to only print your album photo, please check the following article: "How do I only print photo?"

To add your Instagram pictures into your book, in the "Date Range" section, click on the "Add my Instagram content" button.

NB: To avoid duplicated Instagram pictures make sure to uncheck the "Instagram Photo" blue box in the "Edit content" selection.

  • The "Instagram Photos" blue box will print the Instagram pictures you have posted on Facebook with the comments from Facebook.
  • The "Connect to Instagram" will print the Instagram pictures directly from your Instagram account with the comments from Instagram.

    If you have an exclamation point on the photo albums blue box you want to add, it means that you don't have pictures in those albums for the time range you have selected. For example, if you select an album where you added pictures in 2008, for a Social Book of the year 2010, these pictures will not appear in your book. If you want these pictures in your book, then expand your date range.

For now you can't add pictures from your desktop, but we hope that we will offer this option soon.