At the moment, we can print 8 types of books : 

  • "My Social Book" for your own account (Timelines Facebook, Albums Facebook and Instagram);
  • "My Social Book Friend" for a friend or a family member;
  • "My Social Book Page" for a fan page, or business page;
  • "My Social Book Photos" to create a Photo album;
  • "My Social Book Lovers" to have the mutual content of two people in one book;
  • "My Social Book Friends" or "My Social Book Family" to have up to 5 accounts merged in one book.
  • "My Best-Of Photo Book" to have the best of your Facebook photos from a specific year.
  • "My Instagram Book" to print all your Instagram pictures including comments.
       You can also order a "Gift Card" (digital version by email). 
To select a type of book, please click on the "Our product" button on the up right corner of our website, or, to go directly to your own book, click on the "Create a My Social Book" button.

NB : Since Facebook has made some changes on permissions access, we can't recover Group data anymore.